Artists Can Only Dig So Deep Until The Well Runs Dry

Do you feel deflated by life? Have you come to the end of yourself, only to discover that it wasn’t ever supposed to all be about you in the first place? That’s a tough pill to swallow at first. 

Days like today reaffirm this reality. I sit down to write because, well, I’m compelled to write. It seems natural to dig deep and excavate some sort of newly discovered personal truth. 

Maybe I’m like Kurt Cobain, at the end of my rope. Maybe I’ve drained the well. 

Maybe there’s nothing more to share. 

Maybe. Or maybe we were never meant to cannibalize ourselves as part of the creative process. That’s what I think Cobain did. He dug into his own pain and confusion and after he’d spilled enough symbolic blood, there was nothing left to give but plasma.

Not everyone spills their own blood

There are many types of poets. There are naturalists, whose poems paint the picture of a mountain mist or a winter’s day. There are abstracts, who talk only in theoretical concepts. There are emotionalists, who paint pictures of their feelings with words and symbols. And that last group runs the risk of running out of material.

Bloggers face the same dilemma. In an ideal world, a person aspiring to blog fame and success publishes something new and inspiring every single day, thus becoming a constant, never ending source of compelling material.

Except, no person actually is a never-ending source of anything. We are finite. Lots of limitations. And eventually, that well runs dry. Unless some outside source feeds into the well, it will eventually lie empty.

As you can tell by looking at my publish dates, I hit that spot. Every single day for two months and then BAM! Nothing. I hit a wall. Many bloggers last for years before they hit that wall. But it hits everyone eventually. Mine came sooner because this isn’t my first radio, and I’ve already shared most of my ideas and thoughts elsewhere.

So now it’s time to recharge and refill that well

It doesn’t take a genius to know that you need outside sources of inspiration, information, and consultation. No man is an island. Trust me. I would be him if it were possible (INFP, anyone?).

So here’s a short list of sources I turn to for outside inspiration and information:

The Bible. Yes, it’s still full of amazing content. Take a chapter of Psalms after 100 and read it aloud like you are declaring the truth from the mountain top. It’s amazing.

My prophetic journal. This book is the collection of prophetic words people have spoken to me over the past decade or two. It’s remarkable how easy it is to forget the encouraging and inspiring words people have shared with me. Without constant review, these important words get lost in the noise of my brain and imperfect short-term memory.

My Kindle. I always have at least half a dozen unread books on my Kindle. Here’s a quick look into some inspiring titles that keep me going:

These books challenge and inspire me to be better, to think better, to do better, and to be more intentional with every possible moment of my day. Because that’s what this is all about anyway, isn’t it? To be more intentional with each present moment before it passes, and to do something worth doing and worth remembering.

Right now, my two year old son is sitting in the car playing Justice League vs Star Wars figures. And I’m going to take this moment and help the Force win. Because toddlers.

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