I Almost Cashed in My Chips This Week

I was THIS close to quitting this blog already. You know what I mean? I bet you do. Millions of blogs have been abandoned over the past ten years. More now than ever, I bet. The question we each need to ask ourselves is why WOULDN’T we quit blogging? It’s rarely worth the effort. The barrier of entry to profitable┬áblogging is higher than ever.

As I’ve mentioned on my About page, I’m part of a pro blog already. But I’m not the writer. I’m the strategy, editing, marketing, customer support, and image editing. But I’m a communicator at heart. I want to connect with you and others like you. Okay, maybe not JUST like you. Maybe a little less hairy and quirky.

But as I sit here in a freezing room with way too much caffeine pumping through my veins, I’m not done. There’s still more that can be done. I THINK.

And FYI, I would never walk away from blogging totally. But I’m always asking whether anonymous or self-titled is the way to go, and I so much prefer the branded name than the awkward actual name that it’s really a no brainer, until I realize that I can’t pull in my own tribe to help jump start this puppy. Because they know me! And that would defeat the purpose of writing anonymously.

So I’ll head back over to my real job and knock out some more behind-the-scenes work. And hope that tomorrow I have something to say that you want to read.

I’m clawing at my own personal resistance to sharing raw details. I’ve been so withdrawn for so long that it hurts to try to bleed something raw and real on the page. But I feel like it’s the next step. The next chapter in my evolution. Wish me success!

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