I Have A Problem With John Eldredge

After graduating college, I endured two excruciatingly painful years as a mortgage clerk. There was room for advancement, but the only benefit was money. And my soul was desert dry.

I gave in to Christian pop culture and bought two books by John Eldredge. The one that grabbed me was Journey Of Desire

This book owned me. It exposed all the buried and unfulfilled longings and convinced me that living a life full of passion and meaning was actually possible. I was so fired up. I cried for days as I read it’s pages. Before that moment, I had resigned myself to being the “good husband” who works hard and provides for his family regardless of his passions or interests. 

But now this man from the mountains in Colorado was compelling me to step forward and live as though I still had courage and heart. Except, he never told me how. His words seared my thinking as I trembled anxiously and hoped for a magic lottery solution would present itself.

No amount of waiting conjured up an answer. This man had awakened appetites I’d let slip into hibernation, only to find a desolate wilderness when they awoke from their extended slumber. 

Years passed with no solution. A few wild ideas, but nothing concrete. And while my story may be changing today, I couldn’t let the opportunity go to stick it to John effing Eldredge. Thanks a lot, buddy.

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