Mark Manson Is Smarter Than Me

I don’t follow Twitter links very often. But when I do, it’s because the article title is compelling.

I have this periodic fascination with Mark Manson for a couple reasons:

First, his site looks incredible. You automatically take him seriously.

Second, his titles grab you by the throat.

Third, he is a best selling author despite, or perhaps because of, his propensity to swear.

The thing is, while he does sound very smart, I’m not hearing much that I don’t already know or could know with a little research.

I’m convinced that the secret to Mark Manson’s success is his gratuitous use of the “F” bomb while discussing very important emotional and sociological concepts intelligently. He’s the kind of smart your daughter’s teenage boyfriend wishes he could be and acts like he is, but totally isn’t.

And full disclosure, Mark is one of three writers I’ve been really pissed with because they put words together just like I do in my head, but they did it on paper and made money with it. So there’s that.

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