Someone Please Turn The Marketing Off

Everywhere I look it’s marketing marketing marketing. Read my book! Subscribe to my podcast! Register for my class! Sign up for my webinar! Tune in to my Periscope! She’s this with a friend! Don’t miss out! Don’t hesitate! Get in on the ground floor!

Push. Push. Push.

Everyone’s hawking their wares at warp speed. Bigger. Badder. Faster. More value. More content. More eyeballs.

It infuriates me. Once upon a time a guy or gal with something to say could get someone’s fucking attention. Not now.

Now you have to write a book and give it away for free just to get an email subscriber. Meh. Pass.

I want to connect with real human beings. I want to make a difference in your life. Not so you’ll buy my products. So my time on this earth isn’t wasted.

But I’m not a whore. I’m not whoring out my brain just to get a few fans. I give freely. I just want it to matter.

So I’m not going to use color psychology to make you want to buy. I’m not going to offer gimmicks at irresistible prices. I may write a book. And I hope that you read it. But for now. Let’s just connect and be humans. Can we do that?

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