The Hidden Cost of Public Libraries

I drove to the nearest library branch tonight to drop off my kids’ books. I hate to admit it, but I swore like a sailor as I drove away from the night drop box. Why? Because I realized after the fact that I had opened the metal door with my exposed hand.

I spent the rest of the drive home driving with my forearms and wrists.

Why? Because I don’t want to spread coronavirus germs all over my steering wheel, keys, gear shift, and door panels.

For seven days now, I’ve hardly ventured out into the world. And tonight, my slip up could have waste seven whole days of forethought and caution.

Who knows how many people have touched that night drop box today? Could be dozens.

And that, my friends, is the hidden cost of public libraries. You get all the books and DVDs you could ever want for the low, low price of a hundred other people’s germs.

Not that spending money on a brand new book will guarantee you a germ-free product. But at least you know there haven’t been any people thumbing through the pages and touching every single possible surface.

During times like these, every little choice matters. That’s why I’m catching up on books I already own but haven’t read yet.

For new books, I’m only buying Kindle and Audible versions. It’s simple risk avoidance.

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